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  Wired Remote Controller (Optional)


The wired remote controller is an optional accessory to all systems in the Halcyon line up (except the Cassette systems which come with a different wired remote controller).  The wired remote control is ideal for use in both residential settings and commercial applications such as hotels, schools, office buildings, restaurants, and medical facilities.  The wired remote controller with its unique lock function and sleek design provides full feature access to property managers, building owners, and facility maintenance, as well as providing basic comfort features to tenants, employees, and teachers.
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Increased Flexibility
Many systems come standard with a wireless remote control.  Often circumstances require higher security and the optional wired remote controller is the perfect solution.

Partial Lock Feature

This feature provides various timer settings for use in a wide range of applications.  "PL" is show on the display when the unit is in "Partial Lock" mode.

The lock feature allows touch button operation of basic functions.  All other settings and operations are locked.  The basic functions that remain accessible in Partial Lock mode include changing the temperature setting, turning the power on/off, turning the fan on/off, auto, cooling, drying and heating modes switching, and louver adjusting.  Operations vary depending on the type of indoor air conditioner unit.

Weekly Timer

Built-in weekly timer function makes it possible to set the timer for each day independently for up to one week.  (Maximum two settings per day)

Set Back Timer
Full 7-day program capability; different schedules and temperature set points may be selected for every day to fit any schedule.  The optional wired points may be selected for every day to fit any schedule.  The optional wired remote control SET BACK function allows you to set different temperatures for different times of the day.  for example, you may set a temperature you want to have the building reach before employees arrive in the morning, a temperature you wish the building to maintain during working hours, and then lower the temperature when the building is unoccupied in the evening.

The easily programmable remote control allows you to program set back for an entire week at one time.  Repeat function makes programming easier and faster.  Timer function allows users to control the temperature of each time period of the week.

Other Standard Features Include:
Set time in 5 minute intervals
Control up to 16 indoor units (Ceiling Suspended and Universal Systems)
Child lock capable
Remote temperature sensor

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