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  Fujitsu Dealer Toolbox for Contractors

The Fujitsu Dealer Toolbox is a contractor’s online connection that lets you manage your current and future Fujitsu business.  Once your Fujitsu Dealer Toolbox registration is approved you can begin to earn points through product registrations, consumer feedback and completed Fujitsu trainings.  The more points you earn, the higher you’ll rank on Fujitsu’s online contractor locator.  Set your goals high, reach top status and ultimately, you may become eligible to be a part of our elite Halcyon Dealer team!

■  Sales Lead Management
■  “Consumer Referrals” from consumers visiting the website looking for a contractor
■  Customer Feedback
■  Priority Ranking on Dealer Locator
■  Earn elite Halcyon Dealer status
■  Product Registrations
■  Online Training
■  Interactive Troubleshooting Guides
■  Product Manuals
■  BTU Load Calculator
■  Update or Edit Your Company Information

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